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Allee Graziano

Healing is the new high✨

OUR MISSION “HEALING IS THE NEW HIGH” IS A MOVEMENT TO HEAL THE WHOLE YOU THROUGH BIOHACKING AND PLANT ALCHEMY The high used to be the escape, now we’re healing. Anxiety breakouts, racing mind or heart, hair thinning, nail biting, mood swings, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating or completing tasks Insomnia trouble falling or staying asleep, brain fog, irritability, fatigue, memory issues, weakened immunity, weight gain, racing mind or heart at night… Read More »Healing is the new high✨

Abundace with hemp Extract

CBD extraction types: what you need to know about your investment Abundance is Wellness — Everything you need to know about Broad-spectrum, Full-spectrum, and CBD Isolate Your intuition was right… Whether you are CBD curious or a connoisseur, there was a moment when you got your first ping about CBD. And call it chance or call it fate, that ping led you here. At Alchemiss we believe in plant alchemy.… Read More »Abundace with hemp Extract

Why You Need CBD For Your Immunity This Spring🌱 Spring is here! Who isn’t excited about warmer weather, budding flowers, and all that entails the earth coming back to life? That said, a shift in seasons always seems to throw our bodies a little out of wack. Not to mention spring is synonymous with allergy season. As we break out of our hibernation, made 10x more isolating thanks to COVID,… Read More »