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Goal Setting During COVID-19 Recovery with Coach Brooke Witt

Lockdown. We are hearing this word frequently, but is it an accurate description of what we’re experiencing during this historic time in our lives? We say NO! 

We are not actually “locked down.” We can leave our homes, albeit with some restrictions. But the psychological effect of hearing this term so often cannot be disregarded. For many, the perception of being contained is causing passivity, resignation, and even a sense of defeat. Let’s rise up by taking this unique opportunity to prove to ourselves that we’re not out of the game!

Our coach friend, Brooke Witt, has sent a personal story to us that is so relatable. We share it here, unedited.

Good Habits Start NOW!

With Brooke Witt

I’d say I am a pretty healthy person. I used to go to the gym 5x a week. I would track my food daily so I could keep my 2 pack of abs. When the lockdown happened, I thought: “Who needs the gym, I can workout at home and still stay on track.” HA. That is what I thought until I found myself bent over to puke in my front yard, after working out for the first time in two weeks. Oddly enough, puking gave me a sense of clarity. There was a message in the torture. It was saying, you can either keep up these poor habits and then be mad at yourself when you’re out of quarantine and wondering why you gained 10 lbs… or you can stick to what you know and love.

That near-death experience in my front yard woke me the f*** up. It was like I was looking to the end of this and seeing myself really pissed off that I let everything go. It is nice to be able to relax and take some time off, but you will not like it when it’s all back to normal and you can’t let go of the bad habits you created during this time. We have an enormous amount of time now to connect and grow with that one person we have failed to give attention to and that is OUR SELVES.

Don’t regret this time. Don’t come out of this wishing you would have done it differently. Choose to throw the remote controller aside, and GET TO IT. Go start that project, book, language, dance move… whatever it may be. You and I both know there is at least one thing that you could be doing to improve yourself. I am not even asking for a lot. Just ask yourself, if what you are doing today (in quarantine or not) is going to help you move forward in your future. If the answer is no, you know what to do. 

We will get through this, and when we do, you can thank yourself for not wasting this time. You’ll come out of this better than how you came into it!

There is so much positive to take away from Brooke’s frank testimony. First, let’s move our bodies every day. Walk, stretch, strength train, jog, do something! We can get the blood and oxygen flowing at a level that we are safely capable of achieving. This will not only increase our sense of well being but, face it, we will also feel good about ourselves!

Second, let’s remember that we are what we consume. What we put into our minds is just as important as what we put into our bodies. We can quite intentionally feed our minds with positive, encouraging, and uplifting content. We can explore new territory intellectually. We can eat as clean as possible with the resources we have. And to optimize this we can nourish ourselves where body and mind intersect by taking the Alchemiss No. 3 capsules.

Third, now is a great time to build our spiritual selves. Perhaps there is trauma of some kind that has not been addressed. Maybe it is damaged relationships. It could be soul searching to find deeper meaning of our very life purpose. Set aside time to catch your breath, recharge with an Alchemiss Serenity Bath Gem and do the deep inner work necessary for restoration. 

Remember, this is a temporary situation. We’re not down, and we’re not out. We are growing and preparing to burst forth with a vibrant new life!

Brooke Witt is a Life & Relationship Coach helping millennials improve their self image so they can attract their ideal soul mate. You can contact Brooke at and give her Instagram a peep @BrookeWitt.

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