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Taking Control of Your Wellness In the Time of COVID-19 {Coronavirus}

As the coronavirus outbreak screams at us from the headlines of every media outlet on a daily basis, it’s time to tap into our deep inner strength, rise above the noise, and take control of our well-being with confidence.

The first and best response we can put forth in this situation is reason and rationality. Fear cycles into worry, which drives anxiety, with the three collectively diminishing our body’s ability to function optimally at a time when it needs to be at its peak. Fear should be replaced with a sense of calm and assurance that comes from knowledge and common sensibility. 


Common human coronaviruses usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold. Most people get infected with one or more of these viruses at some point in their lives.

The present coronavirus is labeled COVID-19. ‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for virus, and ‘D’ for disease. The virus is spread person-to-person through respiratory droplets. The most common symptoms are fever, cough, and breathing difficulties. Pneumonia can accompany this particular virus. Symptoms typically appear between 2 – 14 days after exposure, the average being 5 – 6 days.


We understand the basics of the virus but might still have some worry and anxiety. This is normal, but it does not have to be, and should not be, controlling of our minds and thoughts processes. When we have facts, clarity, and focus on our side, we are ideally positioned to confront situations powerfully. Quiet any worry and anxiety with Alchemiss No. 3 Capsules and Alchemiss Elixir 11:11.


Now that we have put fear, worry, and anxiety in their proper places, what are the best preventative measures we can take to protect ourselves and our communities from the spread of this virus? Diligent hygienic practices, thoughtful interaction, and informed communication are among our best tools for maintaining good health and well-being.

Since the virus is spread through person-to-person contact, our number one safety mechanism is hand washing. While hand sanitizers will work in a pinch, remember that they also kill the good bacteria that live on our skin. Hand washing is easy, inexpensive, and we can actually make it fun! Twenty (20) seconds is a good amount of time to cleanse our hands of pathogens. How long is 20 seconds? Sing the first verse of this upbeat song from 1965 from The Lovin’ Spoonful, and feel the magic!

Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s heart

How the music can free her whenever it starts?

And it’s magic if the music is groovy

It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie

I’ll tell you about the magic, and it’ll free your soul

But it’s like trying to tell a stranger ’bout-a rock and roll

-The Lovin’ Spoonful

How frequently should we wash our hands? VERY frequently. If we shake hands with someone, have been touching door knobs or handles, have grocery shopped, been to the bathroom, sneezed, blown our nose, coughed, or come into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, start scrubbin’ and singin’!

If we must sneeze or cough, we should do so into our elbow, or cover our hand with a disposable tissue. Then wash, wash, wash.

Face masks are fairly ineffective if we do not actually have the disease. Masks also inhibit our oxygen uptake, which is important to overall good health.

Separating ourselves from people by expanding our personal space to about six feet may be helpful, but we don’t need to be offensive about it. It’s easy to communicate in a compassionate way that we are making every effort to show our concern of self and community by observing safe practices. Instead of handshakes and hugs, exchange a friendly elbow or foot tap. And smile while doing it!

Participating in large gatherings, such as conferences and public performances, are something we may want to reconsider for a period of time. The nice thing is, when we jump back into those activities, the collegiality and camaraderie will be epic.


Knowledge and understanding of what we are dealing with, having a handle over fear, worry, and anxiety, and doing our part to quash disease transmission empower us to successfully manage our well-being with confidence. 

Managing our diet, while simultaneously nourishing our bodies, is critical to staying healthy when communicable diseases are present. The number one action we can take right off the top is cut our sugar intake. Sugar suppresses the immune system. The immuno-suppressive effect begins less than 30 minutes after ingestion and can last as long as five hours. Focus on eating fresh, organic (or sustainable) whole foods that are nutrient dense. Simply do what you can with the resources you have to feed yourself healthfully and well.

Exercise is good for every part of our being. Let’s move our bodies daily. Blood will flow, oxygenation will increase, our endorphins will surge, our minds will gain clarity. There is no down side to physical motion.

Rest. Aah. Just simple rest. Take time to be still. Meditate, pray, breathe intentionally. Shut out the distractions and cacophony, and recenter, rebalance, and refocus. 

Our best tomorrow starts tonight. Sleep is not only a restorative time for us, but is perhaps one of our most important functions in terms of optimal health and well-being. We need to develop strong sleep habits that provide our bodies the opportunity to rejuvenate consistently and successfully. Prepare for healing sleep by experiencing an Alchemiss Aromatic Bath Gem. Luxuriate in a soothing blend of CBD and the heady fragrance of blended essential oils. Next, take our soon-to-be-introduced softgels that are a blend of CBD + Melatonin. This new product will help to stabilize cortisol production so that sleep is refreshing and mornings are emotionally balanced.


We’re informed. We’re empowered. We’re healthy. Let’s broadcast the seeds and sow goodwill among those we can bring up and alongside us in this magical journey we are on. IF we find ourselves in a moment of invading fear, worry, or anxiety, we will want to pop a bite-of-Bliss gummy to get us over the little bump in the road. Be on the lookout for our new gummy product, coming soon!


Community is nothing without you! Limit physical contact but don’t chose isolation, check in on friends/family and at-risk neighbors. It is only possible for you to help others if you are careful and healthy too.⁣

Here is how you can have Community & Unity during the COVID-19 virus:⁣

  1. Wash hands frequently & properly. Avoid touching face, eyes, nose and mouth.⁣
  2. Boost immunity by reducing your mental and physical stress. Use deep breathing techniques to calm the body and mind, take CBD, meditate and limit overwhelming news / media.⁣
  3. Check on loved ones, less able and elderly neighbors to assist them. Isolation isn’t good for our mental health.⁣
  4. Buy only what you NEED, don’t hoard resources.⁣
  5. Suspend unnecessary travel and avoid large gatherings.⁣
  6. Stay at home if you aren’t feeling well, only get tested if you feel unwell to best utilize available supplies.⁣

We appreciate that shopping online will help keep customers healthy and happy, and to help make this as convenient as possible, we are offering 30% off and have waived all standard shipping fees until March 31st.

We believe that we are in this together. And in that same spirit, we will get through this together. Stay safe, and take care of each other!

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